If there’s one superhero that everybody, whether they’d be comic book fans or not, would unanimously consider to be the most popular one of them all, it’s Superman. After his first appearance in the late 1930s, Superman has remained a monstrous icon in the world of comics and pop culture for decades. So it’s no surprise that screenwriter David Goyer had his hands full when it was time for him to write Man of Steel.

We’ve seen the trailers and the images for the upcoming Zack Snyder picture, but we’re more curious to see how the story will be. At first glance you would think that David Goyer had to take bits and pieces of his previous work on the Christopher Nolan Batman series in order to make this new Superman movie work. Perhaps he did, but he’s not denying that it took a considerable amount of effort to properly write a new story for the famed son of Krypton.

“I think the only way to top myself, or ourselves on Batman, is to tackle Superman – who’s kind of the Granddaddy of all the Superheroes,” Goyer told Access Hollywood. “It’s kind of easier doing a dark character [like Batman], who doesn’t have any superpowers. … I’m happy that the movie is coming out this summer, because I think it’s the kind of movie that the world needs right now. He’s an unabashed hero.”

This isn’t the first time that David Goyer conjured up a script for an existing comic book property. He wrote the Blade trilogy and even Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. That may not look impressive to some of you but at least it shows he’s got the credentials to take on Superman. We’re just crossing our fingers hoping that we’re not given a super angsty Superman, much in the same way that Sony did with The Amazing Spider-Man.

Do you think Man of Steel looks any good?

Source: Cinema Blend