This week’s Castle is all about exes and “Significant Others.” Castle’s ex-wife Meredith is staying at his loft the same time as Beckett. While the team investigates the murder of a divorce lawyer and disappearance of a woman, he worries about the possible disappearance of a woman in his own life.

The Players:

  • Director: Holly Dale
  • Writer: Terence Paul Winter
  • Cast:  Nathan FillionStana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Penny Johnson Gerald, Molly C. Quinn, Tamala Jones, Susan Sullivan, Darby Stanchfield, Nancy Lee Grahn, Jack Wagner

Episode Title: “Significant Others”

Beckett stays with Castle while her home is being fumigated. Castle’s ex-wife Meredith asks to stay over as well when Alexis is too sick to join her for their trip to Paris. Back at the station, the team works on solving the murder of a divorce lawyer. The case leads them down a trail of ex-wives, jilted girlfriends, and the mysterious disappearance of a woman in the Caribbean. Castle becomes concerned about the consequences of letting his ex-wife and girlfriend stay with him simultaneously.

The Good:

  • Pet Names: Beckett handles the situation with Castle and Meredith well. Perhaps the best evidence of her composure is when she tells him to “button up, Kitten, we’re going home” in a way that’s playfully in control rather than upset or condemning. The pet name serves to lighten the mood and make her the one in charge; her reference to his loft as ‘home’ gives her a present importance over Meredith. Every look was nuanced, every moment played up just enough to be funny without causing hard feelings or awkwardness on Beckett’s part.
  • Technically Speaking: This is the second episode that Holly Dale has directedThe overall feel of the show was the same (same camera angles, same balance of scenes), but there was a definite edge. We’re not going to hate on the fact that a downtown metro bus wasn’t clipped from the chase scene (we know what buses in New York City look like). We love that there was a fresh feel to the old theme of working through an obstacle in Caskett’s relationship by placing the emphasis on minor characters (like the soon-to-be-ex-couple smashing vases). We also thought the music by Mark Kilian and Kim Planert pulled the weight of Beckett’s fears and resignations in their relationship. Here’s looking at you, sound mixing department.
  • Chase Scene: Castle fans will be talking about this scene for a while. Ryan and Esposito are one of our favorite aspects of the show, but this took our love for them to another level.

The Bad:

  • Nothing: It was that good.

The Quotes:

  • Beckett: “I can’t believe you’re letting your ex wife stay with you…with us.”
  • Beckett: “I’m not supposed to be the bad guy in this. You are.”
  • Esposito: “The ex-wife and the girlfriend–together? That’s like throwing gasoline on fireworks.”
  • Castle: “My loft is overrun with red heads.”
  • Beckett: “Button up, kitten, because we’re going home.”
  • Castle: “It’s the Bachelor meets Homeland.”
  • Castle: “Is this as bad as it seems?” Esposito: “No. It’s much, much worse.”
  • Ryan: “What happens when worlds collide?” Esposito: “Boom.”


“Significant Others” had a brilliant murder mystery, an amazing plot, and even brought us flying karate kicks. What more could we ask for?

Rating: 10/10

Castle airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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