Though Godzilla won’t start shooting until March and won’t be released until May 2014, there’s been a lot of changes behind the scenes regarding who’s involved with the project both in front and behind the camera. A lead actor shortlist has emerged, while Frank Darabont has been hired to do a rewrite and two producers have left the project.

Last night Drew McWeeny over at wrote that the film would start shooting shortly, but that producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee were taken off the project. Most of what that means is inside baseball stuff, where the duo will be given money for their involvement, but won’t get any back-end or sequel money. But this seems to have opened a flood of information as it was quickly reported that Frank Darabont of The Walking Dead and The Shawshank Redemption fame has been brought in to do rewrites. This comes from Deadline, and he’s meant to do a final pass, so it’s likely much of what he’ll be focusing on is dialogue.  What that may also mean is that Darabont may get no on screen credit, as surely all the big action set pieces have been locked down and pre-viz’d at this point (the writer’s guild rarely gives credit based on dialogue contributions).

And now we’re also seeing an actor’s shortlist, and initially that list was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Caleb Landry Jones, Scoot McNairy and Henry Cavill. But it looks like Gordon-Levitt has already passed, according to Indiewire. WB was pushing for JG-L and Cavill, while creative wanted McNairy or Jones. McNairy is no surprise as he starred in Godzilla director Gareth Edwards breakthrough movie Monsters. With a start date about two months away, expect the casting to start leaking out shortly.

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