By this point you’ve all seen the bloody R-rated trailer for the impressive looking Evil Dead remake. While you’re witnessing a taste of some of the horrific events that will happen to our main characters, surely you were wondering whether or not some of those visual effects were real or merely just CGI. Well, director Fede Alvarez assures us all that there’s not an ounce of CG placed in the movie at all.

Now we’re wondering how Alvarez and company managed to pull it all off, especially with the tongue scene at the end of the trailer. Man, does that creep us out…but in a good way. So then, we’re curious as to why Alvarez felt it would be necessary to not use any CG.

“There’s a reason people use CGI,” he continues. “It’s cheaper and faster. I hate that. We researched a lot of magic tricks and illusion tricks. We really pushed the boundaries, trying to create those illusions.”

At the same time, plenty of us are wondering if the R-rated trailers have already given away a good chunk of the great moments scattered throughout the film. The trailers look absolutely gory and we can see it already making some people sick to their stomachs, which we love. Thankfully Alvarez and company have yet to reveal their full hand.

“It has a particularly bloody ending,” says the director, teasingly. “The last scene… I want it to be the bloodiest scene ever. And I think it is.”

There’s a number of ways that they could make the Evil Dead movie even bloodier than we imagine as it reaches its climax. Here’s hoping that when we see it in theaters this April that it makes our stomachs churn in a good way.

Will you see the Evil Dead remake when it comes out in theaters?

Source: Total Film