Anjelica Huston has been keeping busy with television, but soon she will grace the big screen as Lady Astair in the historical detective drama The Winter Queen, based on the best-selling novel by Russian writer Boris Akunin. David Thewlis, best known as Professor Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise, has also been cast.

Years ago, it was announced that Resident Evil‘s Milla Jovovich was cast as the lead. The film was suppose to shoot back in 2007, but was put on hold due to Jovovich’s pregnancy. Instead of replacing her, the producers have waited it out, and they’ve stayed loyal to their female lead.

The Winter Queen tells the story of a young police detective named Erast Fandorin who investigates the suicides of several wealthy young men throughout 1886 Russia. The investivagtion ends in an extensive plot for global domination.

Here’s a deeper explanation of Fandori’s character and where his exploration takes him:

Fandorin’s naïve wit and the suave yet volatile Count Zurov are his only protection from the ever more elaborate attempts on his life as he follows the conspiracy from Russia to England and back again; navigating unknown worlds with charm if not with ease. The enigmatic femme fatale Amalia seems to be somehow at the center of it all, but can the saintly British aristocrat Lady Astair, founder of a string of orphanages which have greatly benefited from the wills of the affluent dead men, really be trusted?

Jovovich is playing Lady Amalia, and Thewlis has been cast to play Count Zurov. No word on who’ll play the young protagonist – Erast Fandorin. According to Cinemablend, actor-turned-director Fedor Bondarchuk, best known for his work in Russian film and television, will helm the movie. Shooting is set to begin in April.

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