There were two big shocks this weekend when it came to the numbers. One was that Texas Chainsaw 3D came at the exact right time and did much better business than anticipated. The other is just how well Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained is holding. It was a pretty strong weekend for movies in general, as almost everything held better than expected.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 Texas Chainsaw 3D $23,000,000 $8,666 $23,000,000
2 Django Unchained $20,082,000 (-33.3%) $6,672 $106,351,000
3 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $17,525,000 (-45.1%) $4,667 $263,820,000
4 Les Miserables $16,117,000 (-40.9%) $5,550 $103,605,000
5 Parental Guidance $10,125,000 (-30.4%)
$3,006 $52,761,000
6 Jack Reacher $9,300,000 (-31.6%) $2,828 $64,804,000
7 This is 40 $8,559,000 (-31.5%) $2,920 $54,460,000
8 Lincoln $5,258,000 (-28.3%) $2,766 $143,933,000
9 The Guilt Trip $4,530,000 (-30.8%) $1,959 $31,207,000
10 Promised Land $4,312,000 $2,573 $4,661,000

Chainsaw came at a time when there weren’t a lot of options for teenagers who hadn’t already seen things like Django or The Hobbit. Friday proved its biggest day, but if the film was done on the cheap, it should be profitable by next weekend, even if it tops out around $50 Million. By the time daily grosses start hitting it will drop hard in the rankings, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Django outgrosses it on Monday.

Django will best Pulp Fiction‘s grand total tomorrow, and should soar past Inglourious Basterds final cume next weekend. The film was expensive at $100 Million, which means it may not make money until international numbers start rolling in. It’s unknown if it will get any sort of Oscar boost, it might, but right now we’re looking at over $150 Million for the grand total, with the outside possibility it keeps playing to over $170 Million. And it’s now lapped Les Miserables, though it’s hard to say if that will get an Oscar boost as well. The tell with that film is if Tom Hooper gets an Oscar nomination, which means it’s still in the running for best picture. If he doesn’t then it’s more likely an also ran, though should win at least one major award. It too is likely to gross over $150 Million domestic, but with international numbers already coming in if they really only spent $61 Million on the picture -which would mean that the stars got back end deals – the film is profitable if those numbers are true (they are, to put it nicely, dubious).

The Hobbit‘s over $260 Million, which means that $300 is still within reach. It’s going to start losing screens quickly though, so that $40 Million isn’t guaranteed. Parental Guidance supposedly cost $25 Million (which is more believable), so it’s a small winner for Fox. Perhaps because of the younger kids in the film it felt more all-audience friendly than The Guilt Trip, which got smoked.

Going by international grosses, Jack Reacher is a hit. Though the numbers are low key for Tom Cruise, a win is a win. This is 40 has now made more money than Funny People, and should turn a profit, though it suggests that Judd Apatow needs to make a broader comedy if he ever wants to do over a hundred million again. He’s still got a lot of huge hits on his resume, but his name is no longer a guarantee of success or even public interest. Lincoln getting to $150 Million is really impressive, and it should be there by next weekend. If it becomes a front runner (which it might), it could get over $200 Million, but we won’t know until the announcements this week. Promised Land didn’t hit, and unless the Oscar rally behind it, expect it to disappear.

Outside of the top ten, Zero Dark Thirty is performing exceptionally well, and Skyfall should cross the $300 Million dollar line next weekend.

Reality Check: I underestimated Texas Chainsaw by a lot (though I did suggest it might be strong on Friday), and thought that this would be a down weekend after the holidays.

What did you watch this weekend?