Nicholas Hoult has a lot on his plate. Next month, he headlines the zombie romance Warm Bodies (Feb. 1), followed by Jack the Giant Slayer (March 1). In 2014, he’ll appear in X-Men Days of Future Past (July 18) as well as Mad Max: Fury Road (TBA). During the Los Angeles press junket for Warm Bodies, the actor briefly spoke about his future slate.

Hoult’s been extremely busy for the past year and a half. He shot three movies with the most recent being the reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road. The actor’s been enjoying his run in the action genre. “It’s a treat to go to work,” Hoult said. “In Mad Max, [I'm] driving around in a cool car, stuff’s blowing up everywhere.”

In Fury Road Hoult plays Nux, whom he describes as “the driver of one of the pursuit vehicles. A young kind of soldier, warrior character.” He went on to confirm that they recently wrapped production on the film.

“I finished Mad Max just before Christmas. We were in Namibia since June, so I’ve kind of been with my head in the sand a bit. Out in the desert, I’ve been completely in that world. It’s odd coming back to everything else. It’s nice to have this [Warm Bodies] and Jack coming out though. I’m hoping that people will like them.”

Next on the agenda is X-Men: Days of Future Past. Production hasn’t begun and Hoult says, “I don’t think we start for another few months.” He’s excited about reuniting with director Bryan Singer who he worked with on Jack the Giant Slayer and X-Men First Class, which he produced.

“We’ve gotten along really well. He’s fantastic on the X-Men films. He really knows what’s going on. And from what I’ve heard about the script, I think it’s going to be a really cool film. I’m looking forward to it. I like that character [Hank McCoy/Beast] as well.”

When pressed about the script, Hoult didn’t divulge any details. He just can’t talk about it.

What film are you the most excited to see? Mad Max or X-Men?