Haven’t seen the new red band trailer for Fede Alvarez’s remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead yet?  Well, we can save you some time: imagine a three-minute geyser exploding with blood, and just behind that explosion of bloody goo, you can kind of see a movie playing on a screen.  That’s the trailer.  Not enough for you?  Ok, well check it out after the jump.  But, in case you’re at work, be warned: graphic violence ahead.  And bloody vomit.  And a tree comes alive and rapes someone.  And someone else uses a chainsaw to carve up a friend.  And a decapitated head comes alive.  And a girl cuts her tongue in half and then uses the bloody piece of meat to kiss another girl.  So, you know, there’s that.

Still interested?  Then check out the trailer:

While we’d argue that any remake of Raimi’s Evil Dead is simply unnecessary, as the original was enough of a classic, it does appears that the remake does manage to maintain the horrific rollercoaster-ride-of-horror element that made the original so unnerving.  Still, the film is obviously not for the squeamish, so only hardcore horror and gore fans need apply.

Evil Dead is set for an April 12 release date.

Will you be seeing Evil Dead?

Source: /Film