OK, Breaking Bad fans, something that we all have to face up to—2013 will be the year in which the saga of Walter White, high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, finally comes to an end.  It’s been a harrowing but great five years, and now it’s time for things to come to an end.  Will Walt get away with it all?  Will he be killed?  Does the cancer come back?  Will he survive, but everyone around him dies?  Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan talks his thoughts on the ending below.

Gilligan recently spoke to Vulture (via The AV Club) about the still-evolving ending of the popular AMC drama/black comedy (“It’s going to be polarizing no matter how you slice it”).  Gilligan stated that he wants the ending to offer up the kind of “satisfaction” offered up by the conclusion of the classic Casablanca, while at the same time having a “circularity” that calls back to the first episode.  He also hinted at an “overt tip of the hat” to The Godfather.

Concerning the final judgment of Walt, and whether or not he will be punished, Gilligan noted that “I don’t feel any real pressure to pay off the characters, morally speaking.”  And don’t expect a dizzyingly ambiguous Sopranos conclusion—“rightly or wrongly, there will e a conclusive ending.”

In other Breaking Bad news, costar Aaron Paul noted on his Twitter account that “New episodes of Breaking Bad will air July 14th.  Get ready to break some shit.”  Sigh—July 14th can’t come soon enough.

What do you think about the Breaking Bad news?