We’re still a couple of weeks away from the start of the Sundance Film Festival and Open Road Films has shown how incredibly eager they are to get their hands on possibly one of the hottest pictures to premiere in Park City, Utah. The production company is so excited to get ahead of the pack that they already landed a deal with the new Ashton Kutcher starring movie jOBS.

It’s been confirmed that Open Roads Films will be distributing jOBS alongside Five Star Feature Films. Since Open Road Films is tied in with AMC Theatres, you better believe that they’ll be doing a very wide release of this movie. There is the possibility that the movie could be so good that Open Road and Five Star couldn’t want to get their hands on it. We hope that’s the case.

Last year Ashton Kutcher and company were busy at work making jOBS, a biopic on the innovative Apple founder Steve Jobs. Despite the collective groans many people online had about funny man Ashton Kutcher taking on the starring role, you have to say he at least looks the part when they unveiled the first photo still, which you can see above. Joshua Michael Stern (Swing Vote) directed the film which is set to premiere in a couple of weeks at the Sundance Film Festival.

Now you may think that Open Road and Five Star won’t release jOBS until the later half of the year, holding onto the hope that it may attract some Oscar buzz. Not at all. They will be releasing the picture in April 2013.

Will you watch the Steve Jobs biopic? Why or why not?

Source: FirstShowing