We’re getting pretty close to the release of A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth entry in the Die Hard franchise, and against our better judgement we think this might be a bit of fun. Starting slower than previous trailers, and with a little more deliberation, this looks like it could feature some good explosions and an awake Bruce Willis. We’ll take it.

Realistically, John McClane and the Nakatomi tower never should have spawned sequels, but the first film was a hit, and was even bigger on home video and cable, which led to a second film, and that did well enough for a third. A little more than ten years later 20th Century Fox realized that they could sell a Bruce Willis action movie better if they attached Die Hard to the title, and that’s where we’re at with these films.

This time Willis is paired with Jai Courtney, who plays his son, as they battle bad guys in Russia. Perhaps the twist here is that we think they’re thieves but it turns out their plan is actually terrorism. Or maybe it’s just money again. As the summer season has become dominated with superhero action movies, it seems regular Joes fighting criminals are relegated to the off season like Valentine’s Day, as this film is due out February 14. But the stunts look big, but not ridiculously digital, as was the case with the last film. Here’s hoping this delivers.

What’s your favorite Die Hard sequel?