Let’s face it—the most recent film adaptation of Les Miserables truly is miserable.  Not miserable as in bad; rather, it’s a nearly three-hour tale of theft, imprisonment, guilt, poverty, revolution, lost love, forced prostitution, misery, crime, and death.  So, yeah, it lives up to its name.  And perhaps nothing else in recent memory can sum that up but a YouTube clip just begging to become an internet meme (well, not really, but hey—it’s a slow news day).  So dig the clip after the jump, in which a family conversation after viewing the film devolves into a miserable collection of sobs.

The video comes courtesy of Les Miserables star Russell Crowe’s Twitter account (via Cinema Blend), and features a family just leaving the theater in which they watched the Tom Hooper-directed adaptation of the musical based upon the 1862 Victor Hugo novel.  Hilariously, the two parents in the family cannot hold it together and, while driving home, are recorded collapsing into sobs and cries as they discuss the sad fates of the characters in the film:

So there you have it.  Is the response above similar to your own Les Miserables viewing experience?  We’ve seen quite a few exiting the theater with very wet faces.

Did you cry after Les Miserables?