All of you impatient Sin City fans can finally calm down. The rumored first character poster for the highly anticipated sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has emerged online. The only problem is we’re not sure who this character is. 

Budding new actress Crystal McCahill decided to spit out the first character poster for the cool sequel online, much to the surprise of the Internet universe. Seriously, a lot of people were beginning to forget that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was even happening in the first place. It’s nice that we got a reminder that the production is still alive and well, especially since they’ve been filming for the past couple of months. We were bound to see some images of this project by this point.

We’re not entirely sure which character Crystal McCahill is playing. From the way she’s dressed, she looks like one of the prostitutes from the fictitious city Old Town. Surely she’s not any of the main femme fatales, especially Ava, our “dame to kill for.” Ava wouldn’t be dressed in that fashion. She’s a classier-looking villainess than what McCahill is wearing. There’s no way she’d wear something like that.

We’re surprised that Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller and company haven’t officially announced who’s playing Ava when the major casting news was first chucked out this past summer. We’ve got a number of familiar faces, but we’re just super curious who they found to be the perfect Ava. Fingers crossed we find out soon.

Who do you think Crystal McCahill is in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For?

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