It must be good to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt—the gifted actor not only starred in some of 2012’s biggest and best films (The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln and Looper), he was (still is?) one of the frontrunners for Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Justice League film series, as well as the Batman cinematic reboot.  And now, the lucky guy is now “in the mix” to star as Peter Quill/ Starlord in Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film.

The news comes from Deadline (via SlashFilm), which notes that not only has Joseph Gordon-Levitt under consideration, it’s already possible that he’s been offered the role.

If the news is accurate, that means it’s likely that either Gordon-Levitt was never offered the role of Batman in The Justice League and the Batman reboot, or that he has turned it down, as it’s almost impossible that the actor would be starring in two simultaneous superhero franchises from rival film studios and comic book houses.

So, who is Peter Quill/ Starlord?  In the oddball Guardians of the Galaxy comic series, Quill is a NASA astronaut who switches places with a coworker in order to be ordained Star-Lord (essentially, a space-cop) by a visiting alien called the Master of the Sun.  Quill is then given a spaceship with a mind of its own and a gun that can fire air, water, fire, and earth.  Like we said, it’s a little weird.  More on this as it develops.

What do you think of the Guardians news?