Well, how do you like that? After an impressive showing on opening day, it looks like Les Miserables isn’t the powerhouse that was expected. That’s not to say it did bad business, but it may have peaked on Christmas. And Django Unchained proved exceptionally strong considering that it’s three hours long and has been at the center of some controversy. So let’s get to the numbers…

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $32,920,000 (-10.9) $8,029 $222,703,000
2 Django Unchained $30,688,000 $10,195 $64,008,000
3 Les Miserables $28,027,000 $9,981 $67,466,000
4 Parental Guidance $14,800,000 $4,396 $29,589,000
5 Jack Reacher $14,010,000 (-10.2)
$4,180 $44,661,000
6 This is 40 $13,186,000 (+13.9) $4,525 $37,116,000
7 Lincoln $7,509,000 (+35.9) $3,819 $132,039,000
8 The Guilt Trip $6,700,000 (+24.3) $2,756 $21,102,000
9 Monsters, Inc. $6,363,000 (+33.3) $2,430 $18,490,000
10 Rise of the Guardians $4,900,000 (-16.9) $2,384 $90,230,000

Looking at the numbers, the reason why Hobbit took the weekend is the sheer numbers of screens and the 3D and Imax bump. Even with those Django had the highest per screen average of the top three. Likely this is the combination of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. The film has been out for six days and it’s already done half the business of Inglourious Basterds, which means its on track to be Quentin Tarantino‘s most successful domestic picture (it’s unknown how international will react). $200 is unlikely, but a $150-$170 finish is possible. With New Year’s Eve and Day on a Monday and Tuesday this upcoming week, it’s hard to know how the numbers will go next weekend. There’s likely to be a heavy fall, but many people are going to try to take off much of this week from work, so it’s possible we could see some strong daily numbers going into the weekend

The Hobbit got a nice coasting number for the holidays, which means that next weekend it should be over $250 Million and it’s nearing $700 Million worldwide. $300 is still a possibility, but it seems likely that the film will crash shortly. The biggest advantage it has is there isn’t a lot of Imax or 3D competition for the next couple of weeks – or no one’s going to bump Hobbit from prime screens for the Texas Chainsaw sequel thing on Friday. But the film isn’t much of a conversation piece, so we’d expect it to lose steam post haste.

Les Miserables has gotten very divided reactions, so we’ll be following the numbers closely. With a little less than $30 Million this weekend, that’s a big win for the picture, but it may have peaked early. Considering this is a musical, those numbers are great, though considering all the star power and the fact that people know the musical, perhaps there’s reasons to think the film is a little weak. Regardless, it’s getting over $100 Million domestic, and could still be a big Oscar contender.

Parental Guidance has trumped The Guilt Trip by being louder and stupider. A win’s a win. Jack Reacher has played well for a minor release and should be able to $70-$80 domestic, so with an international audience, that should spell a win. This is 40 isn’t a disaster, but definitely a misfire. And if Lincoln keeps playing this strong, it could be the sneaky best picture winner.

Reality Check: I took the Christmas Day numbers to mean that Les Mis had a wider audience, but it may have just been a holiday destination. Django I was right on about, and I underestimated the staying power of Hobbits.

What did you watch this weekend?