When a screenwriter -does their job right, it only seems right that we shower them with oodles of awards. Now that we’ve arrived at the end of the year, Oscar Scuttlebutt inspects the Best Adapted Screenplay category at this point and who has a chance of grabbing that gorgeous Oscar gold.

First we must answer a question, which is why are Silver Linings Playbook and Lincoln both front runners for this category? We can throw out there that the both of them are very popular movies that have been getting all sorts of Oscar buzz ever since they were first screened for the press. They’ve both been made by well-respected filmmakers (David O. Russell, Steven Spielberg) and have some amazing star power in these two films. In one corner we have Tony Kushner, the screenwriter for Lincoln that worked with Spielberg once before on Munich. Last time around Kushner lost due to Brokeback Mountain. At this moment Lincoln‘s chances are relatively high of winning that Oscar gold, but don’t count David O. Russell out just yet. There’s such an enormous amount of love for Silver Linings Playbook from critics and movie fans alike that voters could give it another look. Then again, if we’re analyzing which is the best script out of the two, it’s definitely Lincoln. Whether or not fans of Silver Linings Playbook want to admit it, the script is littered with problems along the third act and falls victim to wrapping up what could’ve been a crazy great comedy-drama into a messy little bow of a conclusion.

Onto the remainder of the competition, better known as all those other films that aren’t Lincoln. There is Beasts of the Southern Wild, a Sundance Film Festival favorite that’s been the most buzzed about independent movie of the year. At this point if you’ve been paying attention to the film festival or awards critics crowd, you’re tired of hearing about this movie. Since this picture is based off a play it’s eligible (obviously) for a best adapted screenplay nomination, and since the Academy is likely to nominate charming young actress Quvenzhané Wallis, you bet your behind that the movie’s chances of being nominated in other categories has automatically shot through the roof. So why wouldn’t it be nominated for best adapted screenplay? There are some who could argue that the story isn’t spectacular, and that it may have been overhyped. At this point you’re better off judging for yourself by renting or buying the movie on DVD and Blu-ray.

Hey everybody, don’t forget about Argo! This picture still has some life in it yet. Before Zero Dark Thirty started stomping all over Argo, it was once the critical darling and front runner itself. Still, there’s no denying that Ben Affleck and Argo will be receiving some Oscar love, not only for picture and director but for its script. It feels like common sense more than anything else that Argo, a thrilling script based off the real life rescue mission, would be getting some love.

We do suspect that Les Misérables‘ script attention is most certainly rising at this point. The book on which the movie is based off of has been embraced by many generations, and screenwriter William Nicholson has been nominated twice before. Sure, critics may say that Life of Pi has a nice shot of getting the final nomination spot but it’s choose-your-own ending of the story could leave plenty of voters uneasy.

Before I start going off about what choices would be best, though probably won’t get selected, let’s run through what the experts are predicting will get some Oscar love. Naturally Lincoln is in the top slot with Silver Linings Playbook just a few points behind. The selections are typical, predictable, which means it’s time for me to sound off my own selections.

It would be a crime if Lincoln and Argo weren’t part of the nominations pack. Silver Linings Playbook would be part of the list, because the story is charming in its own way, even though its severely flawed towards the end. Beasts of the Southern Wild would be bumped out, replaced with Les Misérables and the last two slots would belong to The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the highly underrated Cloud Atlas. While that’s my perfect world of nominations, I’m aware a couple of weeks from now the actual nominations will be just as the experts predicted.

Which scripts would you like to see nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay? Let us know in the comments below.