New Years Eve is always an exciting time, easily one of the most exciting days of the year. People buzz with anticipation over the year to come and starting fresh. While we still have yet to jot down any New Years Resolutions that we’d like to accomplish in 2013, lets run down our list of great movies so that way you can end the year off with a cinematic bang.

#10: Boogie Nights

This may seem like a little bit of an odd choice, but hear me out. Although the New Years Eve scene in Boogie Nights is especially depressing, dealing with a murder, the rest of the movie is flawless. It’s one of the first big movies that Mark Wahlberg starred in and is directed perfectly by Paul Thomas Anderson. We kind of recommend for you not to watch this film last, since it’s in some ways depressing, dealing with the rise and fall of a porn star. Still, it’s a great movie!

#9: Bridget Jones’ Diary

Every once in awhile – though some think it’s not possible – fate plays in our own lives. At least that’s what romance movies have told us since the dawn of time. But single women have dreamed of that one fateful party where your eyes will meet with another man/woman and just immediate sparks will hit. It doesn’t really happen in the real world, but in Bridget Jones’ Diaryour self-conscious heroine (Renée Zellweger) sees an old childhood friend (Colin Firth) at a New Years Eve party for the first time in years. Well, she immediately starts falling for him, and how could you not? It’s Colin Firth for heaven’s sake. If you’re in the super chick flick mood this New Year’s Eve, plop down on the couch, have some Bon-Bons and watch this picture.

#8: 200 Cigarettes

What’s a New Years Eve movie list without a movie that doesn’t take place entirely on the joyous night? And no, the movie titled New Years Eve would never had made it on this list. It’s too awful of a movie to be on here. While 200 Cigarettes isn’t as jaw-dropping of a film as other pictures on this list, it still makes the cut. It’s got a witty cast as they go through trouble in the nineties rendition of the early eighties which still looks like the late nineties. Still, you follow several people as they try to navigate their way through the rocky waters of love and friendship as a new year begins. Hey, it works for what it is.

#7: The Poseidon Adventure

This isn’t just any disaster movie. This happens to be a disaster movie that stars Gene Hackman. Yes, a lot of us are quite aware that there’s an abysmal remake floating around out there somewhere, but this is better. What better way to say “Happy New Year” than to see a large cruise ship capsize right after the clock strikes midnight. What happens after that point is a story of survival as the remaining people on the ship, the ones who didn’t immediately get crushed by the weight of random objects because the boat literally flipped over, try to find their way out. If you haven’t already, go and check this out, at least for Gene Hackman.

#6: After The Thin Man

Want a little mystery mixed in with your comedy this New Years Eve? Look no furtherbecause we present to you After The Thin Man. The 1936 comedy mystery-drama packs a triple punch of New Years entertainment when a murder takes place at the stroke of midnight. The mystery unravels as the movie goes on. Now don’t give me none of that lip about how “Oh this is a really old movie, I don’t know if I want to watch it.” Go out there and check this out. Plus that and it’ll be nice to have a good laugh or two before the new year. Another reason why you should check this out is due to the appearance of a young James Stewart. After The Thin Man happened to be one of his first big film roles.

#5: The Apartment

Despite what the Blu-ray cover of The Apartment looks like, this is not a complete comedy. It includes a very torrid love affair between an insurance director (Fred MacMurray), an elevator operator (Shirley MacLaine) and the man (Jack Lemmon) who falls in love with her, completely oblivious to the fact that she’s her eye on another. The spider web of confusion and disaster weaves its way through the movie, but towards the end our love struck hero makes a jump for it, confessing that he’s in love with the girl who, in some ways, has caused more sorrow than anything else in his life. Their exchange doesn’t end in the same kind of grand way other romantic movies have, but it leaves a great impression on you.

#4: The Hudsucker Proxy

Is it just me or does The Hudsucker Proxy not get enough love? Cause it’s one of the better movies to creep out of the mid nineties. It’s a lighthearted movie that follows a naive graduate (Tim Robbins) who turns from lowly mailroom worker to president of the company literally overnight. In this picture the huge New Years Eve scene happens to be yet another climax scene in a movie where everything is revealed and our hero almost dies from nearly loosing his grip on a large clock. Man, after thinking about the movie I’ve got the sudden urge to re-watch it.

#3: Trading Places

Oh Eddie Murphy, we miss your comedy. Like the good stuff, not the Norbit crap. The actor/comedian’s star used to be far brighter back in the eighties. He started off in SNL and quickly catapulted his way into the movies. Out of the many films he made during his heyday, Trading Places is easily one of the best comedies out of his filmography. Teaming up on the big screen with Dan Aykroyd, the two starred in a short but sweet comedy that took a more modern spin on “The Prince and the Pauper” story. Their big New Years Eve moment is when our two lead characters switch reports with our movie’s villains, executing phase one of their revenge plan. Craziness ensues on the train which involves a gorilla and Dan Aykroyd dressed up as a Jamaican man.

#2: The Godfather Part II

Some people, like myself, consider The Godfather to be a Christmas movie. Hey, it has some Christmas elements to it! The same thing goes with The Godfather Part II. Not only is this simply one of the greatest sequels to ever be made, but it has one of the most iconic New Years Eve scenes in it. Nothing hurts more than betrayal between family members, and Michael Corelone (Al Pacino) makes that apparent when he confronts his brother Fredo (John Cazale) during the New Years Eve celebration. If you’ve seen the movie you know that Michael makes sure he starts off the year with a clean slate, and he executes that in a rather sad way during one of the last scenes of the film.

#1: When Harry Met Sally

It took a large amount of strength not to shove The Godfather Part II in the number one spot. Why? Because why would you want to start the New Year off on a somber note. You’d rather feel uplifted as you count down to the next year of your life. When Harry Met Sally contains one of the most romantic endings, involving our hero (Billy Crystal) running down many blocks so he could confess his love to one of his best friends who turned out to be the woman of his dreams (Meg Ryan). The movie’s building everything up for this point. It’s inevitable that something’s got to give, that one of the two will finally break down and turn this friendship into the true love story that it always has been. Enough talk, it’s just time to watch the scene below.

What do you like to watch on New Year’s?