For those of you simply unable or unwilling to spend the holiday break with your families and avoid movie news or spoilers, well, here’s a belated holiday gift for you and yours: two new pictures from the upcoming and highly anticipated (if somewhat goofily-named) Star Trek Into Darkness.  The pics come courtesy of Empire, and feature Spock running around with a big gun in a cold environment, and Captain Kirk and villain “John Harrison” having a chit-chat.   Check them out below.

The first, again, shows Spock in a less than appealing environment, carrying the 23rd century equivalent of Dirty Harry’s best friend while looking pensive (or as pensive as Spock can look:

The second image features a conversation between Harrison and Kirk.  And, as Cinema Blend points out, Star Trek Into Darkness appears to be taking a few cues from The Dark Knight, Skyfall, and The Avengers, featuring as it does a villain that appears to want to be caught, and who is locked in a big glass box.  Oddest cinema trend of 2012-2013.

So there you have it.  Of, course, still no answer as to whether or not John Harrison is really Khan, as some die-hard fans still insist, or if he’s just a pissy guy named John who likes to blow up various portions of London.  And, unless screws up in the marketing department at Paramount, we probably won’t find out until May 17, 2013, when Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters.

What do you think of the pics?