The numbers this weekend were pathetic, and if Django Unchained and Les Miserables don’t click with audiences, the year will go out with a whimper. There were four wide releases, and none could take The Hobbit, which is no surprise, but a couple couldn’t do more business than Rise of the Guardians, which has been in theaters over a month. Sad.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $36,705,000 (-56.6%) $8,952 $149,858,000
2 Jack Reacher $15,600,000 $4,654 $15,600,000
3 This Is 40 $12,031,000 $4,132 $12,031,000
4 Rise of the Guardians $5,900,000 (-17.4%) $1,947 $79,694,000
5 Lincoln $5,633,000 (-19.9%) $2,457 $116,781,000
6 The Guilt Trip $5,390,000 $2,217 $7,421,000
7 Monsters, Inc. $5,040,000 $1,92 $6,525,000
8 Skyfall $4,700,000 (-28.3%) $1,987 $279,972,000
9 Life of Pi $3,800,000 (-29.8%) $2,171 $76,156,000
10 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 $2,600,000 (-49.4%) $1,300 $281,606,000

With these numbers as pathetic as they are, it’s hard to say if it’s total lack of interest, or the fact the next two weeks are so dominated by the holidays that no one felt all that compelled to rush out and see anything.

This much is certain. The Hobbit held okay. It could have been worse. But it’s going to need to coast on the holidays if it hopes to make it to $300 Million domestic. Frankly if I was Warner Brothers I’d be a little nervous that we’re going to get two more pictures in the next year and a half if this film has no legs, but it all depends on the investment. All of the international seem to be in as of this writing, and they’re over $430 Million worldwide. It’s possible that audiences may tire of these films, but there’s enough interest for the studio and everyone involved for the next two films to turn a profit even if the only interested parties are the die-hards. The lowest this goes domestic is $230 Million.And between worldwide and ancillaries, even the third film drops to half a billion worldwide, they will make a pile of money.

As for everything new: Ouch. Maybe Reacher and 40 are okay, maybe they coast over the next couple weeks, and Tom Cruise is so strong internationally, that there’s no way Reacher loses money. But The Guilt Trip is DOA, and the 3D reissues are looking DOA.

Reality check: I went high on the new releases, and I thought The Hobbit might hold a little bit better. I thought people would be going to the movies this weekend. I was wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?