When it comes to Must-See TV, 2012 brought it! The medium upped the ante with shocking deaths, surprise marriages, and a wicked acid trip. There were plenty of watercooler moments that covered both Hollywood and politics (we’re looking at you Clint Eastwood). ScreenCrave’s selected the Top 10 that kept us buzzing days after their debut.

10. Roger’s Acid Trip – Mad Men

We knew it would happen sooner or later. Mad Men went psychedelic. Roger Sterling, the silver-haired fox dropped acid and went to loony land. There were singing bottles, talking reflections, and crawling. Lots of crawling. LSD is a hell of a drug!

9. Jessa’s Wedding – Girls

We love Chris O’Dowd, but had no idea he’d return for more of HBO’s Girls. He came back alright – with Jessa’s hand in marriage. During the season finale, the duo sprung a surprise wedding on everyone. Out of all the characters on the show, Jessa’s the one to get hitched? We’re still reeling in confusion.

8. Bart Bass is Alive – Gossip Girl

On Gossip Girl, death is an illusion. The deceased Bart Bass got a new lease on life. Oh, who are we kidding? He faked his death and left his son in agony. But Bart didn’t care, he had to save his own skin. When Chuck faced his Lazarus-like dad, it was a real jaw-dropper. We knew GG had something up their sleeve but not him!

7. Clint Eastwood and That Chair – The RNC

Mr. Eastwood, please step away from the chair. This year, the Hollywood legend gave a speech at the Republican National Convention – complete with props. The actor used a chair as a stand-in for President Barack Obama. He asked it hard-hitting questions, and occasionally gave it eye contact. Yeah, it was weird.

6. Brody’s Arrested and Stabbed – Homeland

Early in Season 2, the jig was up. Saul found Brody’s confession video further confirming him as a terrorist. With Carrie on board, they moved full speed ahead with surveillance and his heated arrest. Once in custody, we got another shock when the calculated Quinn stabbed a reluctant Brody in the hand. Ouch!

5. Rebecca is Cliff’s Daughter – Dallas

This year, the Ewings came back with a bang. A young woman by the name of Rebecca Sutter quickly married and was impregnated by Bobby’s son, Christopher. Their relationship hit the skids once Rebecca was exposed as a no good con artist. But that’s not all. It was also revealed that her real name is Pamela Rebecca Barnes. She’s the daughter of Ewing nemesis Cliff Barnes, and the niece of her namesake Pamela Barnes Ewing aka Christopher’s (adopted) mother!

4. T-Dog’s Death – The Walking Dead

Damn! Damn! Damn! That’s all we could say after watching the “Killer Within.” In one hour we lost both Lori and T-Dog. But let’s be honest, we were more concerned about Theodore Douglas. He was bit, then ripped to shreds, all for Carol’s sake. At least he went out on his own terms. He had an honorable death, in a time where they’re few and far between.

3. President Fitz is Shot – Scandal

It was the shot heard around the world. President Fitz got popped. While exiting a limo with his wife, he was pumped full of lead. Viewers sat in shock as our favorite fictional prez hit the ground. It was a huge cliffhanger that left us wondering, “Will he make it?”

2. Robbery Goes Right, Then Wrong – Breaking Bad

After a successful meth heist, Walter, Jesse, and Todd’s plan hit a snag. There was a witness. A young boy watched as the trio looted a train and got away with it. Within the blink of an eye, Todd shoots the kid in the chest. There’s no hesitation or discussion. It’s just Jesse’s somber scream as a youngster is murdered in cold blood.

1. Opie No! – Sons of Anarchy

We shed a thug tear when Opie met his maker. Stuck behind bars, the SAMCRO gang were prey to Pope’s demands. He wanted one of them to die in prison. But before Jax could step up, Opie initiates a brawl, therefore sacrificing himself. He put up a good fight but was eventually killed, while his friends watched in horror.

What was your favorite WTF TV moment of 2012?