In what should be a surprise to no one, The Walking Dead is coming back for a fourth season. AMC’s zombie show is one of basic cable’s biggest hits, so we’re not surprised that AMC has decided to keep it around. And even though there have been numerous complaints about some of the plotting, that has never shown in the ratings. But perhaps those who got annoyed with The Walking Dead may come back for season four as the renewal comes with a shocker: They need a new showrunner.

As The Hollywood Reporter tells us, Glen Mazzara is leaving the show because his opinions on the show’s direction differs with AMC. They report the split is amicable, which makes it sound better than what happened when AMC decided to fire Frank Darabont, the original show runner, because of differing opinions. That public stink never seemed to matter to viewers, though.

This points out that AMC sees The Walking Dead as one of their most prized possessions, as they’ve been very hands-on about what direction they want to take it, and anyone who comes in to replace Mazzara will know that AMC is watching closely. But they’ve got a right to be controlling as The Walking Dead is one of the biggest hits on television, with the most recent episode getting over 15 million viewers. That’s record-setting for basic cable, so whatever they’re doing, they’re doing right.

Who would you bring in to take over The Walking Dead?