We’re normally under the impression that Ben Affleck very carefully picks what film he’ll either direct or star in. He’s such an Academy favorite, a solid fixture in the Hollywood elite at this point, that it seems near impossible for the long-ago star of Gigli to make a wrong move like that again. Right? But every once in awhile the famed filmmaker has to make a tough decision, which he did with Focus.

Sadly Ben Affleck had to jump out of the picture due to scheduling conflicts with something else. We’re not entirely sure what, but maybe it’s another potential Oscar gold film that Affleck’s working on under the wing of Warner Bros. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Focus doesn’t look like an appealing movie, because it definitely does. It has filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa locked in as writers and directors for the project. These are the same guys who directed I Love You Philip Morris and Crazy, Stupid, Love so you know they’re legit and good filmmakers. Even the premise sounds like it could be loads of fun, centering on a veteran con-man who takes a young, budding girl under his wing in the business but ends up mixing work with pleasure. Then there’s the woman who was going to star alongside Ben Affleck, up until he ducked out of the picture.

There has been flickers of acting promise in Kristen Stewart, only once in The Runaways, not Adventureland, but at this point looks like the light of budding talent is close to being put out. It doesn’t feel like she’s giving any sort of extra effort to really improve on her skills, so as a result a lot of us aren’t one hundred percent excited to see her in an up-and-coming movie such as Focus. If she could start learning how to tone her craft in this picture, being a legit actress rather than phoning it in, then maybe the rest of us will finally be sold on Kristen Stewart the Actress rather than Kristen Stewart that one Twilight girl.

Who would you like to see star alongside Kristen Stewart in Focus?

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