Who is gossip girl? That’s the question that’s loomed over the series since the very beginning. For six seasons the creators have kept that mystery alive, entertaining us with the wild and opulent lives of Manhattan’s young elite. In “New York, I Love You XOXO,” the final episode of Gossip Girl, the real GG was finally exposed.

The Players:

Episode Title: “New York, I Love You XOXO”

The Upper East Siders join forces for one last soiree, and the shocking identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed.

The Good:

  • Gossip Girl (SPOILERS): If you’re money was on Dorota, you lost. Dan Humphrey was revealed to be Gossip Girl. After all of this time, the “outsider” was the biggest insider in the Upper East Side. And of course, there are a few things that don’t add up, like the whole Jenni thing. GG destroyed Jenni’s life completely. Yeah, she was better off for it in the end, but things would have never gotten so bad if it hadn’t been for him. If Dan was indeed GG, he always had the power to destroy Blair and avenge his little sister. So why didn’t he do it? Was he really that big of a jerk? For now, it does ring some kind of truth. Dan figured out early on: you’re not anybody until you’re talked about. And he’s a writer. His whole Fitzgerald speech at the end was very fitting. So at this moment, we accept Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl. For now.
  • Flashback: The first encounter between Dan and Serena was cheesy, as expected. But what we were thrilled to see in that blast from the past was Chuck’s awful hair from 2007 (thing looked like a frying pan).
  • Chuck and Blair: After all of the games and holdups, Chuck and Blair got their happy ending. And in the future, they have a son, who looks exactly like Chuck, complete with a bow tie and everything.
  • Lily and Rufus: We’re not happy Lily ended up with her ex-husband William, but we’re thankful that she didn’t end up with Rufus. He deserved better. Also, it would have been too weird to have Lily and Rufus with Dan and Serena. The writers had to pick, and they went with the latter.

Best Lines:

  • “Every trembling bone in my tired and scared body wants to marry you.” –Blair
  • “You’re a Lifetime movie called Nobody Gives A Damn: The Ivy Dickens Story.” –William
  • “I always thought [Gossip Girl] was Dorota.” –Blair
  • “Gossip Girl is dead.” –Dan

The Bad:

  • The Final Wedding: What is it with finales and weddings? The writers didn’t have to marry Dan and Serena to show us that they’re a happy couple who’s in love. We would have preferred seeing them stroll through Central Park, holding hands. Maybe even show the whole gang on a picnic or on some private island somewhere. Something less cheesy than a wedding. After all, Gossip Girl is not a Disney movie.
  • No Real Conclusion: If the network decides to say, revive GG in the future, they most certainly can. Chuck and Blair’s offspring could be a way back “into the world of Manhattan’s elite.” And the conclusion suggests that the story continues, because there will always be some outsider waiting to get in.


Series’ finales are suppose to provide closure, and this one did just that. Bart is dead, so he’s no longer around to ruin lives. GG was revealed. Nate saved his paper. Chuck and Blair got their happy ending. And Serena and Dan were able to work out their differences. Sure, it was a cheery, cheesy ending but we’ll take it.

Rating: 7.5/10

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