Broken City, which stars Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones (all Oscar nominees, and 66% of those are winners) is coming out January 18. And it used to be if a film like this came out in January, it was because it was terrible. Nowadays, all it means is that it’s a B picture that features stars, and may deliver the goods, but can’t compete with superheroes and Katniss Everdeens.

The premise for the film is familiar in that it’s a genre picture. Wahlberg plays a cop hired by the mayor (Crowe) to see if the mayor’s wife (Zeta-Jones) is having an affair, but that’s just where things get interesting. Fighting against corruption, Wahlberg must become the lone wolf who finds redemption and the truth in his pursuit to get out from under Crowe’s thumb. This comes from director Allen Hughes, who knows his way around genre. Here’s the trailer:

Hughes and his brother Albert have directed a number of pictures together (including Menace II Society and The Book of Eli), and Allen knows genre films, so this could be a fun, modern take on film noir. And – more than any other major star these days – Wahlberg has built a credibility as a leading man with a core audience who will watch him do anything, so we’d expect this will deliver, and probably deliver more than something like Contraband. Broken City hits theaters January 18, 2013.

Will you watch a Broken City?