Gossip Girl‘s impending conclusion is upon us. Tonight’s the series finale of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s teen drama, which for the past six seasons, has brought us a legion of jaw-dropping moments. The show’s presented us with sex tapes, con artists, torrid love affairs, plunging V-necks and even a threesome with Lizzie McGuire. There are tons of shockers to think back on, but we boiled it down to 10. Here they are…

10. The Threesome

Gossip Girl’s never been subtle about teen sex. In the beginning, when it had a semi-large audience, parents were always complaining about it. After a while, the protests stopped — that was until “The Threesome.” Olivia, Dan and Vanessa did what college kids do (and by that we’re referring to the kids in Andrew Fleming‘s Threesome). As a whole, it wasn’t very explicit, but seeing Lizzie McGuire kiss a girl, and like it, was a bolt from the blue.

9. A Royal Affair

Blair didn’t get the fairy tale ending she wanted. Her Lord was actually sleeping with his father’s second wife (not his birth mom, but still). It was pretty twisted stuff. When Vanessa discovered them getting it on in the study, we were as stunned as she was. It was such a disgusting sight, but we couldn’t take our eyes off the screen.

8. The Love Child

Where is Scott Rosson these days? His parents got a divorce and he’s nowhere to be seen. It’s the holidays and he doesn’t even phone to say, “Hello.” Anyway, Scott. The love child between Lily and Rufus. The person that made it super-weird for Dan and Serena to ever date again. It was like watching a Maury episode: “Rufus, you are the father!”

7. Eric’s Coming Out

Alright, Eric didn’t come out of the closet willingly. He was outed at the dinner table by Georgina Sparks. The trail of events that followed spiraled into a frenzy. You see, Eric was secretly dating/making-out with Asher, Jenny’s rich boyfriend. Asher was using Jenny to cover up his gay relationship, and Jenny was using Asher to beat Blair in a popularity contest. In the end, Asher was also outed (by Blair), and Jenny was left hanging out to dry.

6. Dair

We can’t say that we didn’t see this coming. Since season one, Dan and Blair have had great chemistry. Dan’s relationship with her made more sense than his relationship with Serena. They both shared a common interest in movies and art, and are both educated and hard-working people. Still, that first kiss took us by surprise.

5. Three Words, Eight Letters

The White Party in “Summer, Kind Of Wonderful” was memorable for many reasons. Dan caught Serena and Nate making out, Jenny gained the respect of her boss, and Blair found out Marcus was a Lord. But everything boiled down to the moment when Blair asked Chuck to tell her he loved her. He didn’t utter a word. Like her, we wanted to die.

4. Bart’s Resurrection

Bart’s resurrection was the worst turn of events. Why did the writers have to bring him back? He’s an emotionless freak, and to this day, his return makes little sense to us. You don’t fake your death when you’re facing federal charges, you flee to Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia (like Julian Assange). Bart’s comeback shocked us, mainly because we just didn’t think GG would steep so low. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

3. The Pregnancy Rumor

Blair’s pregnancy scare was bound to happen. She was very sexually active, and well, that’s just what happens – you get preggers. The rumor caught everyone by surprise, especially Dan who thought Serena was the one was with child. The “jaw-dropping” moment for us was when Chuck and Nate threw down for Blair’s “cheap ass” in front of the school. Then Blair fell out of favor with the mean girls, and tried to run away to Paris. Serena was like, “Stay and fight!” And Blair was like, “Okay!” Ah man, GG used to be so good.

2. Limo Sex

This is the moment that launched the greatest romance of our time! Blair surrendered her virtue to Chuck Bass, in the back of his limo, within hours of breaking up with Nate. After this, Gossip Girl was never the same again.

1. ‘I Killed Someone’

Gossip Girl‘s first season was on fire, and that’s all thanks to the Old Serena. The big mystery at the beginning of the series was Serena’s past. Everyone wondered why she left for boarding school, and the writers were able to keep it a secret for most of season one. Then they brought in Georgina and all hell broke loose. Serena fell back into her old habits – partying, missing school, drinking, using drugs – and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she confessed her sins. The secret was out. Serena killed someone!

Do you agree with our list? Which Gossip Girl moments do you consider the most shocking?