We’ve hit the 10th episode of Elementary,and it’s a shame “The Leviathan” is anything but impressive. This week’s murder mystery loses its luster well after the half hour mark. What the heck happened?

The Players:

  • Director: Peter Werner
  • Writer(s): Corinne Brinkerhoff, Craig Sweeny
  • Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill, Freda Foh Shen

Episode Title: “The Leviathan”

Sherlock Holmes (Miller) gets a mental workout when trying to figure out why an “impenetrable” bank vault, known as The Leviathan, has been broken into not once but twice. As he figures out who the main culprit is, Joan (Liu) is extremely preoccupied with, and trying to impress, her mother (Foh Shen) who comes to visit.

The Good:

  • Stumped Sherlock: It’s nice to see the more human side to Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character whose deduction skills can outdo the strongest superhero. Sherlock is wracking his brain trying to figure out who could be more clever than him. Eventually, he finds the culprit, but it’s nice seeing that he’s capable of being outwitted from time to time.
  • Joan’s Family: In keeping with the stereotype of over-critical parents, Joan is trapped under the interrogation light of her mother. It was cute seeing their interactions. Mother Watson eventually told her that she actually likes what she does. Oh, and we almost forgot that Joan has a brother. Maybe we’ll get to see them communicate in future episodes.
  • Sherlock Cares: We love this continuing emotional development that’s happening with this version of Sherlock. In little ways he tries his best to show Joan that yes, he does give a hoot and holler about his companion. He did go to her family dinner just to put in a good word for her. We like the added touch in the episode where Sherlock returns the priceless work of art he took from a suspect to a museum.

The Bad:

  • Our Mystery’s End (Aka NOT Moriarty): What happened here? If you followed the episode, the series of random events were proving that maybe, just MAYBE, we were finally going to get a glimpse of the criminal mastermind best known as Moriarty. Seriously, all signs were pointing that way! When it was revealed that the thief was anything but Moriarty, and reeked of awful stereotypical profiling, we were a bit upset. It would’ve been a nice way to bring him into the picture without physically showing him. Maybe they’re saving that for the end of the season? They should just bring him out now.
  • Everyone’s Pushed Aside: What happened to the rest of our characters? It felt like Sherlock almost shut himself out from most people, except for the occasional interaction with Joan. This episode had a hard time juggling it’s characters. At one point it looked as if it were better off just disposing of a bank vault suspect. By then, we had tuned out.


By the time “The Leviathan” is over and done with you’re thinking to yourself “Okay, at least I finished the episode.” While it may have expanded Joan’s world, there wasn’t enough going on to keep our attention.

Rating: 5.5/10

Elementary airs on CBS on Thursdays at 10 p.m.

What did you think of this week’s episode?