Ah, the classic story of a boy who loved his mother perhaps a little too much. This March sees the launch of A&E’s Bates Motel, which takes the story of one Norman Bates and updates it to modern times. But we don’t get to see the young Mr. Bates running the motel. No, we get to see him as a teenager, and the things that turned him into a psycho killer. Qu’est Que C’est that’s been unleashed now? A full trailer.

Here we get to see Freddie Highmore as the young Bates, and his mother as played by Vera Farmiga. As this is a TV promo trailer, that means footage from the new show is intercut with the cast and crew talking about how awesome the show will be, and that there’s a big reveal at the end of the first episode.


The more we see the less interesting this is. Television shows are by nature based on an open ended structure, and though Highmore could conceivably be playing this character up and through to the time that Bates kills Marion Crane (that would have to be the finale, right?), the very nature of this show makes it seem like either the boring part of a biography before famous people do something famous, and a whole lot of – pardon the expression – c—teasing. We hope we’re wrong. Bates Hotel hits small screens this March.

Are you in for Bates Motel?