A Good Die to Die Hard, the fifth film in the increasingly embarrassing Die Hard franchise (the original was a classic, the second was a goofy but enjoyable cash-in, the third was a decent but ridiculous ‘90s actioner, the fourth was just terrible, and the trailers for this film… well, the less said, the better), now has a new poster.  And, in the tradition of such modern actions posters as The Expendables 2, it’s got a whole lot of fire and a whole lot of photoshopped heads.

Featuring the waxy, digitally smoothed-over head of Bruce Willis doing a pinch-mouthed Blue Steel look while Jai Courtney does his best to replicate the Bruce look (Joseph Gordon-Levitt did it better), all while they become engulfed in digital flames while standing in the rubble of a Russian battlefield.  For those not in the know, Willis and Courtney play father and son who somehow battle Russian terrorists because, well, who knows—more than likely 20th Century Fox decided to make one last cash-in on the bankability of Bruce Willis and the Die Hard franchise name.

Curious how it all turns out?  You can catch A Good Day to Die Hard on February 14, 2013.

What do you think of the poster?

Source: Entertainment Weekly (via Cinema Blend)