What good is the internet, if it cannot be used solely as a device to spoil the plots of comic-related blockbusters a solid year or two before they are released?  Right?  (Please forgive us)  As such, hey, would you like the plot of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Justice League film (a.k.a., Jeez, people will pay how much to see a bunch of people in spandex fighting nonsensical CGI baddies?), keep reading.  Or, if you’re a patient adult who would like to avoid the plot being spoiled, you should probably move along.

Latino Review, which has basically become the de rigueur website for spoiling comic book films lately, has it on good authority that Justice League screenwriter Will Beall is culling his inspiration for the film’s script from Gerry Conway’s Justice League of America Issues #183-185.

For those of you who don’t obsessively remember comic book plotlines from 1980, or somehow are unaware of Wikipedia, the #183-185 run of the Justice League involved the big bad Darkseid (a.k.a., “hell, if the Avengers 2 can pull off Thanos, we can do Darkseid, right?”) planning to destroy planet Earth and moving his homeworld, Apokolips, into Earth’s orbit.

Right about now, you’re probably saying, “wow, that sounds really, really dumb.”  But hey, it’s a movie about a bunch of people in spandex (at least one of whom can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, breath ice, and wears his underwear on the outside) punching aliens real hard—what did you expect, that it’d be about rescuing the economy from the fiscal cliff?

What do you think of the Justice League news?

Source: Latino Review