There’s no denying the appeal of James Bond, he’s been a fixture of cinemas for half a century and most of his endeavors have been hugely successful. But on its fiftieth anniversary, he’s more popular that ever, which has been proven by the sales of the Bond 50 box set. It’s now the most successful Blu-ray box set of all time.

As we learned from Coming Soon, the box has now made over $50 Million worldwide, and will surely make more. Likely this was helped by Thanksgiving sales that priced the 22 film collection around a hundred bucks (it’s supposed to retail for around $300). This comes as Skyfall has broken all previous Bond records fiscally, becoming the highest grossing Bond film domestically and worldwide, on top of being Sony’s most successful film of all time and MGM’s most successful film of all time. That’s a lot of records. Of course those numbers are unadjusted, and on that scale, it’s currently the fourth most successful Bond film, and should be able to become the third.

And if you’re like us you picked up the box set already and realized that most of the Bond movies are not very good, but the good ones are pretty great. And with this business it’s likely James Bond will be around for another fifty years.

Have you picked up the box set yet?