One of the unique things about the upcoming release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, aside from the 48 frames per second, is the use of 3D. The mixture of live actors and CGI backdrops really make the 3D obviously pop. If the picture is successful, could this give Peter Jackson and company an excuse to re-release The Lord of the Rings movies in 3D? Perhaps.

While in the middle of a press conference, Jackson was confronted with the big question: Will the original trilogy be converted to 3D? Peter Jackson isn’t entirely certain over whether or not it could happen, but he’s completely fine with the studio if they decide to go that route.

It’s not really a question for me, because it’s a studio issue, and they would have to pay for it, and it’s expensive. I’d be happy to do it and be part of it if they decide. That’s a marketplace thing. I think that whole idea of dimensionalizing old films is something the studios are still unsure [about]. I know Jim did it on Titanic and it was very successful, and George Lucas did it with Star Wars and it was not so successful financially. Sutdios are not so sure at the moment where that market is going to land. As time goes on and 3D establishes itself more in peoples’ homes and the cost of converting it goes down, things have to move on. But at the moment it’s not being discussed.

Could it work if they did convert all three of the movies to 3D? Certainly, but is it really necessary? It’s really interesting to see the slate of movies that have been converted this past year and re-released to audiences and which ones they wanted to see more. 

It’s a very hit and miss market, which is the same when it comes to any sort of 3D released movie. All because you’ve slapped on the extra dimensional cinematic gimmick doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be making back your movie’s budget tenfold. At the same time The Lord of the Rings movies have a particularly strong fan base. Who’s to say that it wouldn’t be a hit at the box office if they didn’t re-release them all in 3D? They had people flocking to theaters when AMC Theaters did their marathon, that should be some small indication. But in the end we’ll just have to sit, wait and see how The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey does before we make further assumptions.

Would you like to see The Lord of the Rings movies in 3D? Why or why not?

Source: Cinema Blend