Originally scheduled to be a June 2012 release, G.I. Joe: Retaliation was bumped from this summer and moved to March 2013 to be retooled and converted to 3D. Now there’s a new trailer to help sell its Spring launch, and it features a little more Channing Tatum, about the same amount of Dwayne Johnson, and a touch more Bruce Willis. Check it out.

Originally, reports suggested that Tatum’s character (one of the few holdovers from the first movie) was killed off shortly into the film. It was a joke on the first film, which made some money but was the sort of success no one liked all that much. But, since they first filmed Retaliation, Tatum’s stock rose with hit after hit, and that joke wasn’t as funny. Though Johnson tweeted about reshoots, we haven’t heard much about the new version, so we’re curious how they solve their Tatum problem. The most likely solution is that his death will be turned into a serious injury and he’ll get put into a hospital or secured location for much of the film, only to be added to the resolution. That’s just a guess, so we’re obviously curious to see how they deal with that. Here’s the trailer:

There’s a lot of the same footage, though it’s likely they haven’t added new set pieces, so they’re still selling (pretty much) the same movie. And it looks the same as it did over nine months ago when we first got a look at it: Dumb, but with possibilities. Perhaps now it’s something of an underdog. G.I. Joe Retaliation hits theaters March 29, 2013.

Yo, Joe?