Because his insufferability is to the point that not even a megabudget Transformers sequel can contain him, it’s been known for some time that Shia LaBeouf would not be returning for Michael Bay’s Transformers 4.   Rumor has had it that this film would feature a female protagonist (because Michael Bay’s all about progressive gender politics) with a race car-driving boyfriend, and now we know who scored the parts.

Because Shia LaBeouf can only be replaced by people whose names are more difficult to spell than his own, Nicola Peltz and Brenton Thwaites will be stepping in to fill his annoying, always-trying-too-hard shoes.  You may know Peltz from The Last Airbender and Righteous Kill (oh, I’m just kidding—no one saw or remembers those films), and Thwaites from Maleficent.

Peltz will star as Mark Wahlberg’s daughter—and word is that with Wahlberg’s addition to the cast, his character will be expanded into the film’s starring role, with Peltz’ being knocked back to a supporting slot with Thwaites, who will play her boyfriend (who has now gone from being a race car driver to a biker).  Oh, and there will be a “fresh group of robot characters,” so Bay will have an all new set of walking cars that punch each other to portray various offensive racial stereotypes as he has done in the past.

While little is known of the film’s plot (we’re using that term loosely here), we do know that Transformers 4 is set for a June 27, 2014 release.  And it will feature talking cars.

What do you think of the Transformers 4 news?

Source: /Film

Photo Credit: Geekscape