Next week, Tom Cruise will arrive in theaters as Jack Reacher, the guy who has no limits. He also has another movie on the horizon called Oblivion, where he plays a lonely technician in a desolate world. But before Cruise saves the Earth from an army of mean-looking survivors, he’ll appear in the IMAX 3D re-release of Top Gun.

Tony Scott‘s Top Gun was first released in 1986, and went on to be the most successful movie of that year. The film did wonders for the careers of its cast, which, besides Cruise, included the likes to Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins.

The sad and shocking suicide of Mr. Scott put a pause on the Top Gun 2 developments, and left the future of the franchise uncertain. But, this coming February, the original Top Gun is hitting theaters in IMAX 3D for one week.

Paramount announced that the film has been re-mastered for the new release. The film will debut on Blu-ray shortly after, and will include a six-part documentary on the making of the movie, a behind-the-scenes featurette, interviews with Cruise and commentary by the producer, director and co-writer.

When the re-release was first announced in 2011, we felt that it was just another unnecessary cash-grab on behalf of the studio (which it still probably is), but now the film will serve as a nice tribute to the filmmaker.

Will you watch Top Gun in IMAX 3D this February?

Source: /Film