It looks like we’re getting some of the last of the big summer movies this week in the hopes of making some holiday coin. This week Christopher Nolan joins the Criterion Collection, one of TV’s most talked about show hits disc, one of the year’s biggest comedies, and one of its most successful old school oddities street.


The Bourne Legacy: That Matt Damon has been talking about Bourne again may show that Universal has been courting him to return, or it could be that it’s an easy question to ask the actor. Regardless, it feels like The Bourne Legacy was a misfire, and that people prefer a movie with Bourne in the title to actually have a Bourne. Jeremy Renner plays the ur-Bourne who goes through similar motions.

Futurama: Volume 7, Girls: The Complete First Season: Futurama, like Family Guy, was resurrected successfully, which surely makes the nerds happy. Girls became a hot button HBO comedy that drew as many haters as it did fans, it seems.

Ice Age: Continental Drift: Yup, they made four of these movies.

Ted: Seth MacFarlane was already rather successful, but this showed he could take his following to the big screen. Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis star along with Writer/director MacFarlane in the story of a man who grows up with a talking Teddy Bear.


Dick Tracy, The Joy Luck Club, HeavyWeights: Though there’s no connective tissue for these Disney releases, Judd Apatow supposedly spent some time making the release of HeavyWeights to be of some interest, and though it has no supplements an HD transfer of Dick Tracy is something to get excited about.

Miami Connection: Unearthed by the Alamo Drafthouse, Miami Connection is something most people would file under “so bad it’s good.” The truth is it’s a very entertaining movie, albeit outsider art.

Following, The Qatsi Trilogy: Criterion is releasing Christopher Nolan’s first film, and that may have more to do with working with one of the best mainstream filmmakers of our day, it’s good to see nonetheless. And the Qasti trilogy is one of the most visually sumptuous film series ever released, while having a bit of a political message as the cherry on top.

What are you picking up this week?