Since Skyfall has been showered with enormous success that its garnered in the box office, with critics and fans alike, we’ve all been curious to see who will be the next director to take on the reigns. After all, Sam Mendes and company did quite an impressive job with Skyfall, who would be the right person for the impending sequel? Well one thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be Danny Boyle. But why is that?

During an interview with BBC Radio 4′s Front Row, Boyle was prodded on whether or not he’d take on James Bond as his next directing gig. This is what he had to say on the matter:

“Certain people can handle that and I love watching those kinds of films, but I’m much better with a smaller amount of money and trying to make it go a long way.”

All right, the fact that he’s uncomfortable with the aspect of dealing with a monstrous movie can be nerve wracking. You are dealing with one of the oldest movie franchises out there, and due to that everyone is looking at your production every single day, checking to see whether you’ll be making a bona fide hit or a cinematic disaster. We get that he wouldn’t want that kind of pressure on his shoulders.

But think about it, wouldn’t Boyle have been a logical choice? He did recently direct the opening for the London Summer Olympics this year, so he knows how to put on quite the spectacular show. He even directed the super cute James Bond short that had the famous MI6 agent escorting the Queen to the Summer Olympics. It’s a damn shame that he doesn’t want to creep out of his comfort zone to take on the next film, but maybe as a result of passing on James Bond he’ll make another spectacular Academy Award winning movie.

Since there’s no possibility of having Danny Boyle direct the next James Bond movie, its time to wrack our brains thinking about what other director would be the best fit.

Who do you think should direct the next James Bond film?

Source: Cinema Blend