Alright, so maybe you can’t give someone the Quentin Tarantino Film Collection or the Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece box set this year. Your Secret Santa price limit is low, but you want to give that special movie lover in your life something other than a Blu-ray or DVD. We at ScreenCrave have gathered ten, cost-efficient gift ideas for all types of movie lovers, so here they are.

NOTE ON PRICES: Everything on this list is $50 or less. Last week we released a Movie Lover’s Gift Guide with gift ideas over $50.

10. For The Hunger Games Fan

Small Katniss Everdeen Mockingjay Hunger Games Brooch Pin

Any Hunger Games fan knows that Madge Undersee (a character that unfortunately didn’t make it into the first film) gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin. The Mockingjay is probably the most important symbol in the book series, and we bet any fan would be happy to get this pin as a gift. It’ll be a nice accessory to wear to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire next November.

BUY NOW: $19.00

9. For Anyone Who Loves Ryan Gosling

The Feminist Ryan Gosling Book

Sadly, there weren’t any Ryan Gosling movies released this year. Gangster Squad was pushed back (due to some unfortunate events), and The Place Beyond The Pines doesn’t hit theaters ’til March. But that didn’t stop Gosling from becoming a Tumblr sensation. Feminist and blogger Danielle Henderson created the Feminist Ryan Gosling Tumblr last year to keep track of feminist theories, and later she compiled her best jokes to bring us the book, Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (As Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude. We bet it’s a great coffee table book.

BUY NOW: $8.60

8. For The Kid At Heart

R-Rated Talking Ted Bear With Moving Mouth

Ted may look all snugly and cute, but don’t be fooled – he’s not for kids. One of the funniest comedies of 2012 was Seth McFarlane‘s Ted, which centers around the brotherly romance between a slacker and his foul-mouthed teddy bear. The Talking Ted Bear measures 16-inches, and according to his description, will keep you entertained for countless hours. Here are a few of the lines he says:

  • “Well you never should’ve trusted me, I’m on drugs!”
  • “Yeah, I mean, y-you know when you sewed me up you put some of the stuffing in the wrong places so I’m-I’m a little f–cked up, but will you take care of me for ever and ever?… Aha! I’m just kidding you! I thought it’d be funny if you thought I was f–cking retarded.”

BUY NOW: $34.99

7. For The Music Lover

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Soundtrack

One of the better movies of the year also happens to have a great soundtrack. The Perks of Being A Wallflower soundtrack will be a nice gift for anyone who’s already a fan of Stephen Chbosky‘s novel. The soundtrack is filled with songs from the ’70s and ’80s like Sonic Youth’s “Teenage Riot,” The Smiths’ “Asleep” and David Bowie’s “Heroes.”

BUY NOW: $9.99

6. For The Wes Anderson Groupie

Fantastic Mr. Fox Hat

Fantastic Mr. Fox is criminally underrated. It’s one of Wes Anderson‘s best movies, not just for its use of stop-motion animation, but for its humor, cleverness and unique characters. If you know someone who loves the movie, but already has the DVD, here’s another neat gift – a knitted hat with awesome fox ears. Keep in mind that the hats are available upon request, but if you order now, you’ll get it in time for Christmas.

BUY NOW: $35.00

5. For The Eco-Friendly Hipster

Eco Friendly Tote Bags

If you’ve got a modern hipster on your gift list, here’s the perfect gift. An Eco-friendly tote bag with a dash of pop culture. There are tons of choices including Alfred Hitchcock, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Steve McQueen and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

BUY NOW: $22.00

4. For The Star Wars Fan

Yoda Hoodie

2012 was a big year for Star Wars fans. It was announced that Episode VII is on its way (coming 2015). So while the story, casting and other elements come together, why not get your fan this neat Yoda Hoodie? It has the ears and everything. And the one for adults is pretty cool too.

BUY NOW (for kids): $23.99

BUY NOW (for adults): $48.99

3. For The Movie Buff

Film Listography Diary

This is the ideal diary for movie buffs. In Film Listography, by Lisa Nola, you get to select your top picks for every mood, genre or occasion – like “the most romantic moments in film,” “best comic-book adaptations” and “movies that make you cry.” If you know someone who likes making lists, this is a fun gift.

BUY NOW: $11.53

2. For The Sentimental Moviegoer

Ticket Stub Diary

A stub diary might not seem like the most exciting gift in the world, but it’ll come in handy to anyone who likes saving ticket stubs – and there are tons of people who like keeping those stubs! So for that sentimental, stub-saving person in you life, this ought to be a nice little gift. Let’s conserve stubs while they’re still around (because they’ll go extinct soon enough).

BUY NOW: $11.00

1. For The Cinephile

Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective

Steven Spielberg has had a long, long career. In Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective, famed movie historian Richard Schickel covers the accomplishments of the filmmaker’s (nearly) 40 years of work. The book includes film-by-film commentary on Jaws, the high-speed adventures of Indiana Jones, the harrowing Schindler’s List, the sci-fi classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind and recent releases like Tintin and War Horse. The book also culminates with the long-awaited Lincoln (now in theaters) and features over 250 dynamic images, plus revealing behind-the-scenes photos from DreamWorks’s archives.

BUY NOW: $23.56

Hopefully these gift ideas help you out. Next week we’ll be back with a Christmas Gift Guide For TV Lovers.

What did we miss that you love? What other gifts have you found that movie-lovers might want?