Look, we’re not saying that we didn’t expect Oblivion to make its way into production, but the movie’s fate was unknown for some time. Now the film wheels are turning for the project, made evident by the release of the official first poster below.

The futuristic picture is being directed by Joseph Kosinski of Tron: Legacy fame. This is his second film, and since it’s still within the realm of science fiction we imagine that it’ll be visually grandiose just like his previous movie. Plus that and we’re already given an implication of the overall scope of the movie with the new poster. For some reason the style and coloration of the poster is a bit reminiscent of the early Prometheus promo posters.

Tom Cruise stars as a veteran soldier who’s sent to an unknown planet in order to destroy the remaining survivors of an alien race. As he does so he discovers more about himself, the planet and the crazy scheme that is life. In a way the poster and the synopsis sounds a bit like Planet of the Apes in where the main character finds out in due time that he actually has ties to the planet he’s exploring. This is all speculation though which will be cleared up within the next few days as the first trailer pops up online. We’ll be able to see the sci-fi mystery unravel in theaters on April 19, 2013.

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Source: Slashfilm