We’re rounding the halfway point of Elementary, and because of that, you’d think it would cough up some of the season’s weakest episodes. In “You Do It To Yourself,” viewers were greeted with a number of delightful twists and turns. They’ll make the most avid mystery fan scratch their head.

The Players:

  • Director: Phil Abraham
  • Writer: Robert Doherty, Peter Blake
  • Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Jon Michael Hill, Aidan Quinn, Kristy Wu

Episode Title: “You Do It To Yourself”

Sherlock Holmes (Miller) is facing one of his toughest foes yet — the common cold. He’s Sherlock Holmes! There’s no way that will stop him from solving the latest case. When a man is shot down by a masked killer, Holmes discovers there are more layers to the story. At the same time, Joan (Liu) is dealing with her own problems as a man from her past complicates her life.

The Good:

  • A Murder Mystery You Can Sink Your Teeth Into: Now this is what we’re talking about. There are a couple points when the audience thinks everything has been figured out, but not this time. Due to the rotating writing staff we get a different angle each week. And this one kept us on our toes.
  • My Oh My Joan: It was a little disappointing to learn that Joan isn’t a naughty companion like we thought. It was still interesting to see what caused her to take an interest in the rehabilitation of addicts. Her side story had to do with a former lover who’s bobbed in and out of recovery. As a result of his recent lapse, he’s thrown in jail accused of a hit and run. It’s later proven that he had nothing to do with it. We saw another side of Joan, along with her blossoming ability to deduce thanks to Holmes teachings.
  • Friendship: The relationship between Sherlock and Joan continues to grow. Instead of constantly asking Sherlock to stay in bed, Joan finds small ways to help him get over a seasonal flu. At the same time he showed genuine interest with Joan’s situation with her ex. The simple gesture of Holmes sitting with her, at one of her most vulnerable points, worked perfectly. It displayed how much their friendship has developed and we dig it.
  • Sharp Dialogue: To the writers, they sure know how to creep in the sharp, no holds barred wit that is Sherlock Holmes’ dialogue. He dished out zingers, one after another, and we loved every single minute of it. We hope Holmes stays like this, even when he’s not suffering from a seasonal flu.

The Decent:

  • Det. Marcus Bell: He’s a person whose had a hard time standing behind everything that comes out of Sherlock Holmes’ mouth. So it’s entertaining to see the two butt heads every now and again. Just don’t make us think for a minute we’ll get character development with Marcus when we don’t. Surely we’ll get it in a future episode, but then again there wasn’t any way for them to fit it in here.
  • Puke Green: Yeah, we’ll never stop hating that awful decaying coloration they put on flashback scenes.


Elementary takes another step forward in the right direction. “You Do It To Yourself” proves that the freshman show is starting to flap its wings as the entertaining butterfly that it is.

Rating: 9/10

Elementary airs on CBS Thursdays at 10 p.m.

Did you see this week’s Elementary? What did you think?