On this week’s The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon takes care of a sick Amy in “The Fish Guts Displacement.” Howard must go on a fishing trip with Bernadette’s father, so he asks Penny to teach him how to fish. But is he prepared for what Penny has to show him?

The Players:

  • Director: Mark Cendrowski
  • WriterChuck Lorre, Bill Prady, and Tara Hernandez
  • Cast: Johnny Galecki, Jim ParsonsKaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, Meagen Fay, Casey Sander

Episode Title: “The Fish Guts Displacement”

Howard and Bernadette have dinner with her parents. When Howard is obliged to go fishing with her dad, he turns to Penny for lessons. Sheldon takes care of Amy when she gets sick, which she uses to her advantage. Bernadette scolds Amy when she comes to visit her with get-better wishes. Howard and Mike decide on other plans.

The Good:

  • Cast the Line: Bernadette’s mother and father are interesting characters–we get similarities between Bernadette and her mother and between Howard and Bernadette’s father. We liked the performance, and the way both couples reflected traits of one another. It provided us with a more informed view of both parties in a clever way.
  • Penny and Leonard: After the “I love you” scene in “The 43 Peculiarity,” which was supposedly a big deal, although awkward, we’re glad their relationship has gone unmentioned ever since. Actually, we’re hoping it takes a backseat for a while. It’s too heavy for the usual humor that makes this show great.
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker: Bernadette’s father serving as the father-Howard-never-had is an interesting addition to the show. We love how real they were when they actually got together. Leonard’s encouragement of Howard to perceive his father-in-law in that manner was both comical and touching.
  • Swimmingly Ill: The intimacy humor between Sheldon and Amy was the best part of the episode. It offered a transition from their oddly desperate relationship with a grand finale full of more than just laughs. They were forced to be up front, and more honest with one another. It also provided a catalyst for breaking the rules, and we loved seeing how the situation unfolds.
  • Spiderman, Spiderman: Sheldon’s remark on this theme song was an epic logical argument. It was so great, we feel it deserves a special mention.

The So-So:

  • Something’s Fishy: Dinner with the parents? We were not thrilled with this plot; it provided for little humor, being a hackneyed scene. We were impressed by the product of this conversation, which lead to situations unrivaled in their odd but plausibly funny outcome.
  • Squeamish Much?: Thw scene with Penny and Howard with their worms and fish… ugh! But it was a great gender role reversal. We’re supposed to assume, for heightened effect, that women are more squeamish. Does this stereotype hold any truth? The fact that the higher-educated are displayed as being more squeamish could be an interesting commentary on the how weak stomachs relate to intelligence.

The Quotes:

  • Sheldon: “The Spider-Man lyrics posit that Spider-Man’s Spider-Man does whatever a spider can. I can think of many things that Spider-Man can’t do that a spider can. One: crawl in your ear and die. Two: legally leave Guatemala without a passport. And three: have sex with a spider.”
  • Sheldon: “Let’s get this over with.”
  • Howard: “Death by chicken. That’s a pretty fowl way to go.”
  • Amy: “Sheldon, you don’t get over the flu in half an hour.” Sheldon: “Well, not with that attitude.”
  • Penny: “Cheerleading–way to man things up.”
  • Sheldon: “For some reason that Vapo-Rub gets you all fired up.”
  • Amy: “Are you saying you want to spank me?” Sheldon: “I don’t want to, but it seems you’ve left me no choice.”
  • Howard: “I wish I’d known that before I posted all those pictures on Facebook.”
  • Mike: “That’s my wife and daughter you’re talking about.” Howard: “They’re a couple of great gals.” Mike: “I wouldn’t go that far.”


The Fish Guts Displacementstarted off slowly with less-than-funny puns and tiresome plotlines. Luckily, we were pleased by the outstanding situational humor and quirky behavior that makes Big Bang Theory unique.

The Rating: 9/10

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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