While there weren’t many fans in TRON: Legacy, there is one fan whose interest just sparked a revival in its sequel plans. Alan Horn, the new head of Disney, is looking to breathe some new life into the much talked about sequel. And if you don’t think he’s super serious about bringing this project back to life, then you should read on to see who else he has on this sequel.

Joseph Kosinski, director of TRON: Legacy, is still signed up to take on the sequel. Along with that, Horn and company have decided that they want to revise the script, bringing in Jesse Wigutow to polish it up. David DiGilio, the same guy who wrote that random Paul Walker movie Eight Below, wrote the previous draft. At least we won’t have to see any unimpressive younger CG Jeff Bridges in the upcoming sequel, or at least we hope not.

What could have sparked such a sudden interest? Yes, TRON: Legacy eventually made back its money through the box office, but it wasn’t exactly a critical darling either. Maybe Horn has a soft spot for the franchise or perhaps Wigutow pitched a story for the sequel that the House of Mouse couldn’t refuse to make. Out of all of the projects that Disney currently has going through production, we’re still a bit surprised to see this one up to bat again.

What would you like to see in the TRON: Legacy sequel?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter