“Little ditty, about Ron and Diane…. Two American folks going out..in Pawnee…” Oh, never mind. It was going to be terrible no matter what. Meanwhile, the latest episode of Parks and Recreation, the holiday-themed “Ron and Diane,” features the return of a naughty ex-wife who delivers her usual dose of crazy and sexy.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Ron and Diane”

Ron is nominated for a prestigious woodworking award, while the rest of the gang celebrates their annual “Jerry Dinner.”

The Good:

  • Christie Brinkley For The Win: The ‘Uptown Girl” still looks fantastic. And she’s Jerry’s wife! Are you serious?! Are you serious?! No, editor, that was not a mistake, that’s just how exciting it is to see Christie Brinkley called up from her posh life in the Hamptons for a superb cameo as Jerry’s wife. “No logical explanation,” as Chris says.
  • Speaking of Chris: He goes to therapy 15-times-a-week. He also has a dream journal – of course he does! Chris T. was great in the episode, totally holding it together with all his power as he tasted the seductress known as ‘fat,’ which showed up in his eggnog – yeah, much better! -, and faced his former love Millicent, who showed up at the party with a handsome guy with a chiseled jawline, like a younger Chris Traeger.
  • Speaking of Millicent: She is hot, and her two sisters are hot. And Jerry is their dad! And the mom is hot.
  • Ben: His facial expressions throughout the night as he looked at Jerry’s hot wife (in disbelief), and Jerry’s hot daughters, were hilarious.
  • Speaking of Ben: Bravo wardrobe dept. for hooking Ben up with some sweet cardigans. He also busted out a funny ‘vegan fries’ line to Chris.
  • Ron Swanson for Chair: That line alone from the awards dinner subplot was worth tuning in. The Leslie/Tammy 2/Diane/Ron part of the episode had some funny moments, but the best was the return of Duke Silver. “This is a piece of human garbage named Tammy, she is also my ex-wife.” Now that is funny!
  • Crotch Shots: Pixelated or not, that was funny as hell when Tammy 2 was flashing Ron – Basic Instinct style – during his acceptance speech. Another solid/sexy turn by the talented Megan Mullally.
  • Best Moment:
  • Best Line: Donna.: “What is going on at the Gergich’s?” (it’s the way she said it). Also, “Merry Christmas, Bitches!”
  • Best Line II: April (to Ann): “Man Perkins.”

The Bad:

  • Tammy 2: Sexy, funny, and insane as usual, but the tail end of the story, when she and Leslie fight in the dumpster, was silly, and not in a good way.


Arguably the best episode so far in season 5, everything clicked. The ensemble delivered superbly, and the guest spots were great. All three plots were equally enjoyable, and provided laughs from start to finish. Good to see Chris Traager back in the spotlight, because he is just hilarious. Jerry with the hot wife and three hot daughters is just so clever and funny and perfect.


Rating: 9/10

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 9:30 pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.

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