We’re in between holidays at the moment, and because we’re about to be hit with a tsunami of big end of year pictures, it’s a quiet weekend, which should see either James Bond or Twilight in the top spot. We’re leaning toward the former, but it could be close.

There is one new wide release: Playing for Keeps, starring Gerard Butler. As the star of 300, Butler gained a great prominence for a hot minute when there was talk of him being a movie star. Six years later, he’s proven to not be a movie star after a number of romantic comedies and actiony movies. He never seemed to find the right role. and between this and Chasing Mavericks, he’s looking at two back to back turkeys.

That doesn’t mean he’s done, and it doesn’t write him out of the picture, but unless he finds another good role, he’ll likely end up doing more DTV stuff. Even with no real competition, Playing for Keeps is DOA.

End of Watch is hitting theaters again in the hopes of drumming up Oscar interest, but also theaters need fresh meat, and that sort of rerun might do a couple hundred thousand or more. Lay the Favorite and Hyde Park on the Hudson are getting what look like Oscar qualifying runs, though both – at this point – have no traction awards wise, so are more than likely dumps.

So this weekend…

Skyfall – $9.5 Million

Twilight 5 - $8.8 Million

Lincoln – $8 Million

Rise of the Guardians - $7.5 Million

Life of Pi – $7 Million

There may be some fluctuation, and I’m sure people will note that no picture is above ten million if it comes to that, but next week brings The Hobbit, and everyone was scared of that. Maybe they shouldn’t have been, but we’ll see.

What are you going to watch this weekend?