DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods is not a rip off. Sure, it concerns a prehistoric community fleeing what looks to be the start of a new era, but it stars people, not animals (though there are animals), and there’s no ice. Totally different.

The film features the voices of Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman and Clark Duke, and is scheduled to open March 22, but there’s a number of interesting things about the film that have little to do with those people. This is DreamWorks animation’s first film over at 20th Century Fox, which may (partly at least) explain why Rise of the Guardians didn’t do as well as hoped. Perhaps Paramount cut their nose off to spite their face with that one. The politics of things like that are always weird. Anyway here’s the trailer for The Croods:

The other interesting thing about the trailer is that the narrative seems drawn from Plato’s Cave metaphor, as it’s about a family forced to go outside of their cave for the first time and experience the real world. How much of that’s intentional is unknown, but it definitely makes this more interesting than the latest Dr. Seuss adaptation.Then again, it could just be a rip off of Ice Age.

Does this seem a little similar to you?