Then Again tells the story of a small-town artist with big hopes and dreams for her future. The story is relatable to anyone who has ever felt creatively trapped in a small-minded environment, and/or held back by people who refuse to take responsibility for their own life.

The Players:

  • Director: Ayan Pratap
  • Screenwriters: Jim Suthers
  • Cast: Aleece Jones, John Michael Herndon, Christopher Ivins
  • Cinematography: Will Turner

The Plot:

Alex (Jones) is a small town waitress who dreams of leaving her home town of Cooper Flats. She’s an aspiring artist with low confidence in her work. She feels that once she leaves town, she’ll be able to grow as an artist and realize her full potential, but she’s stuck taking care of her drunk, widowed father (Herndon) who doesn’t support her art career. One day, a famous photographer (Ivins) make his way into town, and Alex finally feels like she’s found someone who understands her.

The Good:

  • Character Arc: Character arcs are important, and this film does a great job showing the growth of its lead character. Alex starts off as this small town waitress who’s too shy to speak up and show her art, but she finishes up a strong woman who fights for what she believes in. At first Alex wonders if she should leave her father and her home town, but by the end she knows that her success lies outside of Cooper Flats. Throughout the film, we get to see her evolve. It’s not like one day she wakes up and decides to just leave town. She goes through tough situations that make her change believable.
  • Aleece Jones: Though the screenplay struggles with a lot of cliches and dull dialogue, Jones does the best she can with the material (after all an actor can only do so much). She gives an endearing performance that makes you care about her character.

The Bad:

  • Too Long/Pacing: The film is oddly paced and way too long. Some scenes drag on, ending long after the actors have finished a conversation. This hurts the film because it reduces the impact of a good scene or stirring performance, and it makes it feel incredibly long. It definitely could’ve been tighter, for its own sake.


Then Again tells a tired old story, but spices it up with a surprising mystical element and a solid performance by Aleece Jones. Yes, the film suffers from some serious pacing issues, but Jones’ charming performance makes the film go by faster and thus, worth-watching.

The Rating: 6/10

Then Again has not release date yet.

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