It’s hard not to collectively groan when you read a title like that. It’s not that we’re groaning over the fact that Johnny Depp has another big acting job to do, but it’s just that he continues to lean more towards the odd, quirky kind of characters very similar to Captain Jack Sparrow that made him into an international superstar. While some may argue that he’s drying up the well when it comes to his more oddball acting roles, he may not actually be starring in this production (we hope so).

Johnny Depp is collaborating with Disney to make a modern-day retelling of Miguel de Cervantes’s Don Quixote. His production company, Infinitum Nihil, and Disney just scooped up the script written by Jeff Morris and Steve Pink. For those of you who think the name Steve Pink sounds familiar, that’s only because he wrote movies like Grosse Point Blank and directed Hot Tub Time Machine, which means we’ll be getting tons of snappy humor in the picture at least.

If you’ve been keeping track of Johnny Depp’s projects, you know that once upon a time he was signed on to be in Terry Gilliam‘s own Don Quixote movie. Unfortunately the production fell apart as it reached the early days of filming, which explains why he’d have such a keen interest to take on this project. If he only sits back as a producer on this project, it’ll be fun seeing who they pick to be the crazed Man of La Mancha. Then again this is Disney we’re talking about. This is the same studio that’s been keeping Depp close to them, making him one of their shining stars in the Pirates of the Caribbean series and possibly doing the same in Gore Verbinski‘s latest project The Lone Ranger. Who knows? They may strike a good enough deal to have Depp star or co-star in the production. You never know. 

Do you think Johnny Depp should star in this? Why or why not?

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