Monday’s How I Met Your Mother made up for the sins of last week. “Lobster Crawl” focused on Robin’s need for Barney. As the season progresses, all we want is for them to get together and more info on the mother. 

The Players:

Episode Title: “Lobster Crawl”

Robin feels the urge to show up with Barney one last time. Meanwhile, when Ted fills in for Marvin’s nanny, Marshall and Lily realize he’s using Ted as a substitute for something else.

The Good:

  • Overtime: Hannigan’s performance as a mother attempting to capture her child passing a milestone rang true.  Especially the moment she threatened to leave Marshall if he didn’t catch Marvin’s feat on camera. As if that wasn’t enough, she threw her weight around with Barney and Robin as well. Being the voice of reason for Robin has its merit.  But returning to her everlasting quest to rub boobs and bump tongues with her was one of the highlights of the evening.
  • Bro Bibs: These sounded like one of the many brotastic ideas we’ve heard from Barney before. But Bro Bibs feel like something we can get behind. Who hasn’t ruined your favorite shirt/tie/jacket because it’s socially unacceptable to wear a bib after the age of three?
  • Holden Crawlfield: Everything about the Marshall/Lily/Ted plot worked so well. There isn’t a parent out there that wouldn’t feel the sting of jealousy at the thought of someone stealing their parental thunder. It might seem silly that all Marvin’s crawling happened when the Erikson’s backs were turned. Between Lily’s frustration and Marshall kicking her out for peace of mind, the writers are doing everything they can to use them to the best of their ability.
  • The Female Playbook: Barney’s playbook will live forever in infamy, and in our hearts. Nothing proves Barney and Robin are made for each other more than her own playbook performance. The plays were familiar; The Damsel in Distress, The Center of Attention, and The Ask Lily for Help are all standard girl protocol.
  • Dammit Patrice: Do we like watching Barney with Patrice? No. But at least it’s a logical explanation for why he’s not back with Robin. While Robin was working through her need to have Barney one last time, he was finally coming to terms with his heartbreak.  With Barney in shambles it’s reasonable for him to fall into a new—albeit ridiculous—relationship; it’s called a rebound folks.  At least now Robin has a real reason to hate Patrice.

The So-So:

  • Teddy’s Baby: For some reason the writers think we should care about, or even remember Ted’s baby.  Not the future baby Marshall and Lily spitefully took to meet Santa for the first time—parents don’t get over things like that. We’re talking about the GNB building Ted built. Since Zoe’s ousting last season, there’s been little to no mention of the only skyscraper Ted’s crafted.  However, it’s good to see the show’s (technically) central character grow in some way—even if it’s professionally. Especially since lately he’s been little more than window dressing. 
  • He’s Her Lobster: Any sitcom buff immediately associates the mention of lobsters in a romantic sense with Ross and Rachel on Friends. The plot wasn’t exactly a parallel; Barney was Robin’s lobster because she couldn’t have him. But since we know they end up  down the aisle, he is her lob—or soul mate.  The similarity didn’t rob the plot of its magic.  

The Quotable:

  • “If you ever want to see these boobs again crawl you son-of-a-me.”
  • “Someone is about to get unseasonably banged.”


This week, How I Met Your Mother did an excellent job restricting its silliness to the realm of reality. But it needs to find a way to make us interested in Ted again.  If they don’t, by the time we meet the mother, it’ll be too late for us to care.

Rating: 9/10

How I Met Your Mother airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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