After suffering from declining profits, Netflix could be getting a huge boost starting next year due to their new agreement with the House of Mouse. After taking their time forging a deal with Disney that users were hoping to see awhile ago, we’ll be able to add a couple of our favorite classics onto our Instant queue. But there’s more to it then that.

So when will be able to see some Disney movies on Netflix? It will begin in 2013. They’ve announced that they’ll begin streaming DumboAlice in Wonderland and Pocohontas. Along with that, their direct-to-video movies will be automatically added onto the Netflix roster. We assume that’ll include the likes of the popular original movies that have been shown on the Disney Channel.

But what about the theatrically released pictures? Since we’re already getting these three movies, we’d like to see movies like The Little Mermaid or even Pirates of the Caribbean pop up on Netflix. Don’t you fret, Netflix already has that covered. Starting in 2016, they’ll be streaming theatrically released pictures not only from Walt Disney Pictures but from Pixar, DisneyNature and yes, even Marvel Studios. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that we’ll be seeing the Star Wars movies on their roster around that time too.

All in all this has been a huge year for Disney, if you look at it from a business standpoint. Their big gamble with Marvel Studios paid off with The Avengers, they scooped up Lucasfilm only to announce they’re making three more Star Wars movies and now this. Bravo Disney, bravo.

Source: Slashfilm