They say January is where movies go to die. Allen Hughes‘ upcoming political thriller Broken City has an impressive cast, but can it do better than Mark Wahlberg‘s last January film (Contraband)? Our hopes are much higher for this one, especially after this first clip where an intimidating Russell Crowe tells Wahlberg, “I own you.”

Broken City tells the story of an ex-cop named Billy Taggart (Wahlberg) who is hired by the mayor of New York City, Nicholas Hostetler (Crowe) to spy on his wife. Unfortunately for Taggart, Hostetler double-crosses him and he finds himself in a bigger mess than he anticipated as he becomes part of a scandal.

In the clip below, Taggart and Hostetler discuss their dirty deal. Taggart begins to question the mayor about his wife’s affair, but Hostletler isn’t having it. He quickly becomes defensive and tells Taggart that everything he does is for the good of the city, and with a chilling stare tells him he’s the boss. Hostletler sort of reminds us of Crowe’s character in Body of Lies.

Besides Walbergh and Crowe, the film stars Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kyle Chandler and Justin Chambers. It opens in theaters on January 18, 2013. Check out the clip below.

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Source: ComingSoon