We’ve known for a while that they’ve been testing for the new Harry Osbourne in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, who was originally played by James Franco in the Sam Raimi films and eventually became the Hobgoblin. The search is over, and the role is now to be filled by Dane DeHaan.

We know this because it was tweeted by DeHaan and director Marc Webb this afternoon, which is the new way to do a press release we guess. Or at least, that’s what Jamie Foxx did when he was cast as Electro (at least it seems that way). This may mean that DeHaan is playing a seed role for a larger presence in the third film, much as we’ve heard that Shailene Woodley would only have a small role as Mary Jane Watson. The bigger announcement would be if we’re going to see Norman Osbourne in the film, a role played by Willem Dafoe in the Raimi films, and the character that turns into the Green Goblin. It seems that if he’s to be a villain at some point, it would be in the third film. Norman’s presence was made evident in the first Amazing Spider-Man but he never appeared on screen.

DeHaan had to go through a couple rounds of casting as he was initially up against two other actors, and then word came out that they were looking for more of a muscle-bound type. It seems they’re going for smaller, as DeHaan is most recognizable for his turn in  this year’s Chronicle, where he played a guy who got superheroes and turned bad. And with this role, it sounds like he’s already being typecast.

Are you down for DeHaan?